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Frequently Asked Questions

Property provides security and can earn you recurring income. It allows you to use other people’s money (through rentals) to build your own wealth. You make your money with property when you buy right. It is therefore important to listen to the right people when making your decisions.

  1. Private Buyer is first to advertise what buyers of property or businesses are looking for.
  2. Registration is free and without any financial obligation. It is only, once a successful transaction follows, by using Private Buyer, that a transaction fee becomes payable.
  3. As prospective buyer yourself, or as an agent for the buyer, you register your Needs Analysis on our Cause4 Sale Register, to be advertised on our web-app.
  4. We offer a Turn-key solution, to generate and manage leads for you. Protecting all parties involved, by recording activities against the names of the parties involved in the transaction.
  5. We provide you with a dashboard to manage leads, in a transparent way.
  6. You don't have to be alone in search of your ideal property or business. Use our global power team to be your eyes and ears in the market, assisting you in your search.
  7. We give you exposure to service providers like; Real-estate agents, attorneys, and brokers, supported by referring affiliates such as industry professionals & contractors, funders, body corporates, the public and community groups.
  8. Service Providers can earn Passive income from what they are doing already, without having to change employment. The nice part is that you earn from service providers you introduced to the company, with no additional input from your side afterwards.
  9. We offer sellers their missing link. The Buyer. Start by checking if we have a buyer for you on our web-app.
  10. Save time by offering your matching property or business directly to our buyers or their agents.
  11. Extend your exposure in the market, by advertising your property or business on Private Buyer web-app.
  12. Fractional ownership - Private Buyer provides for the advertising of fractional ownership.
  13. For those of you, who are interested in selling, but don't want the whole world to recognise your property or business as For Sale. You can now, advertise, - without photos, on Private Buyer web-app.
  14. We protect your privacy, by being the first contact with enquiries.
  15. Use our Cause4Sale register to keep record of the roles of different people, forming part of the effective cause of the sale, thereby protecting sellers from having to pay double commission, when more than one agent is involved in your transaction, and securing fair reward for service providers involved in the transaction.
  16. We work across agency, profession, and area borders, to maximise your exposure in the market. Out-perform your fellow colleagues and beat competitors.
  17. Don't waste your time with unqualified buyers, who are not in a position to buy your property.
  18. We add further value by offering draft documentation and virtual assistance.
  19. We process applications for finance.
  20. We strive towards service providers practicing higher ethical values than required by law.

We would encourage you to search on property portals, to identify properties you like. All we ask is for you to contact us first and not the seller’s agent first. It is in your best interest to spread the net further than just the property you identified, and to introduce you to a Buyer’s agent, who’s fiduciary duty lies with serving the interest of you the buyer, and not the seller. Our services include advertising your property needs on our website and to our network of affiliated service providers. This team effort should place you in a better position to buy the property, meeting your requirements.
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