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With the vast majority of the property industry focussing on sellers and what is for sale, we do just the opposite, by starting with what the buyer wants. We are a marketing company, serving the property and business industry, and not a real estate agency.

Our business model equips a global network of independent service providers, with a technological edge and ability to match buyers and sellers.


To be the best marketing solution, for practitioners forming a global network of independent service providers, functioning beyond agency, profession, and area borders, dedicated in serving buyers and sellers of properties or businesses, at a level of professionalism and ethics, beyond legal obligation.


To provide each user with a dashboard to manage their deals in a private & protected way.
To advertise what buyers want and properties available, on our own web-app.
To sign up a core group of practitioners, working as one team, across agency, profession, and area borders, creating deals for each other.
To source 2 deals for every deal done through us, up to reaching user's optimum capacity.
To enable users to work smarter and not harder, enabling them to enjoy the better things in life.

Private Buyer

Our Global Service Offering

Advertise what buyers want

By knowing what buyers want, a global team can search for the right match.

Advertise Properties for Sale

First check if we have a matching buyer, then advertise your property or business on our platform, only providing photos, after initial contact with buyers.

Matching Buyers and Seller

Automated matching software generating deals for our users.


Earn royalties for growing our business and permanently share in our success.

Private Buyer

Key Role Players

Transacting Services

Real-Estate Practitioners (Agents) Practicing Attorneys Brokers

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Body Corporates

Industry Related Contractors

Public & Community Groups

Matching Buyers and Seller



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