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Why choose us?

As Buyer's Broker, you are one of the parties who can benefit the most from Private Buyer's service offering. Being already involved with the buying and selling of businesses, private Buyer now offers you the opportunity to extend your scope of earning opportunities, by adding properties to your portfolio.

Dealing with other agent's listings, especially across agency and area borders, do place you at risk of being cut out of deals, especially when deals tend to drag out and buyers not being loyal.

We allow you to initiate the process by registering, on our unique Cause4Sale register, what your buyers are interested in buying . We then advertise what they are looking for on our web-app. Sellers or Seller's Agents are then expected to register their matching properties or businesses on the same register, so we can record the match against the names of parties involved in the transaction.

We provide you with a dashboard to keep record of these matches, securing your role in these transactions and see to it that our dealings are transparent and you get remunerated accordingly.

You might be protected within your own organisation, but as soon as you start working across agency, profession and area borders, you need Private Buyer to protect your interest with their global Cause4Sale Register.

Give it a try as you have nothing to lose.

Private Buyer

Find Buyers For Your PROPERTIES & BUSINESSES Through PrivateBuyer!

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Greater Exposure To The Market

Greater exposure to the market. Apart from us working with your local real-estate agents, attorneys and business brokers, we also source off-market properties for you that are not known to them. By advertising what you are looking for and allowing sellers to offer their properties and businesses to your buyers, we are able to give you access to a wider range of sellers.

Superior Ability To Manage The Buying Process

Superior ability to manage the Buying Process. You remain our client and we don't pass your buyer's name on, or engage in selling lists. We protect you, as we only advertise what your buyers are interested in and record all leads on our unique Cause4Sale Register against your name. We protect your buyer's identity, providing you with your own dashboard to ensure full transparency of your transactions.

A Team Of Professionals

A Team of Professionals - You don't have to be alone in search of your ideal property. Use the global network we are building to search for you. This includes transacting service providers like; Real-estate agents, attorneys and other brokers, supported by referring affiliates such as industry professionals & contractors, funders, body corporates, the public and community groups.

Register & Manage

Control contacts, activities, leads, referrals, matches and documentation on our Cause4Sale register.

Needs Analysis

Complete & advertise needs analyses, telling the market what your buyers are looking for.

Offer For Sale

Offer your property or business to our buyers and advertise it on our platform.

Account & Wallet

Control your commission split to reflect on the payment certificate and your royalties in your wallet