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Adding Value

Private Buyer provides marketing services to transacting real estate practitioners, practicing attorneys and business brokers. For this value add we charge a fee on successful transactions.


We incentivize those who provide us with leads and/or enable us to grow our business, thereby creating opportunity for you to earn from your referrals.

Turn-Key Solution

We provide a Turn-key solution to record your referrals on our unique Cause4Sale Register and keep track of it by keeping record of the roles of different people forming part of the effective cause of a sale.

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Now you can earn from your referals

We provide a Turn-key solution to expand your service offering to your clients. Use our Cause4Sale Register to record your value-add to clients in a structured and transparent way.

You deserve to be RECOGNISED for your contribution in originating transactions. Should your professional code of conduct restrict you from financial gain resulting from your referrals, you can still participate to gain appreciation from your client for the value you add to them. Without restriction, our business model provides for you to Share in the revenue we earn through your recommendations. You are welcome to sign up to find out more on how you can earn royalties from your recommendations.

Private Buyer

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