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Check if we have a buyer for you, and should you have a match, OFFER your Property OR Business to our prospective buyers. Extend your search by advertising your Property OR Business on our web-app, where we only make photos available after initial contact with buyers are made.

Let's talk how you can offer your property or bussiness for sale through Private Buyer!

Protect Yourself

Should you decide to use agents in selling your Property or Business, you should protect yourself from having to pay double commission, by insisting that all parties, playing a role in your transaction, to record their activities on our unique Cause4Sale Register. This also ensures fair reward for all those involved in the transaction.

Turn-Key Solution

We offer a Turn-key Solution to generate and manage buyer leads for you. We work across agency, profession and area borders to maximise your exposure in the market. We match buyers and sellers with specialized software and by starting your selling journey with us, you enable us to add more value to your transaction.

Adding Value

We add value to sellers and their representatives, by saving them time and effort, as we provide direct access to prospective buyers. By verifying prospective buyers before introducing them to your property, our solution is more secure with less people going through your property, who are unable or unwilling to buy.

Sellers NEED MORE BUYERS, note more sellers.

As a Seller, don't be fooled into thinking you get more buyers by listing with various agents, who all advertise on the same portals. What you need is a dedicated team forming part of PrivateBuyer's Network, who's feduciary duty it is to act in your interest."

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