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Get to the Sellers FIRST! Don't settle for second best! Through our Service Providers YOU can get MATCHED with the PROPERTY or BUSINESS you long for!

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Why choose us?

It is a known phenomenon, that when you are interested in something, you start seeing it pop-up all over. By allowing us to narrow down what you are looking for and advertising your requirements in the market, you set-off a chain reaction involving various role players, who by knowing what you are looking for, subconsciously identify matching properties or businesses. Through our Cause4Sale Register we then provide a structured system for these leads to be managed and presented to you.

Let your ideal property or business find you. We work across agency, profession and area borders, thereby saving you time and protecting you against intrusive sellers. We provide you with draft documentation to transact when you are ready.

You can go it alone, or use our network of independent service providers to assist you. Use the dashboard we create for you on our cause4sale register, to manage your buying journey. Keep track of your favourites and record all roleplayers involved in your search.

Private Buyer

Activate the Subconscious Minds of others, to start working for you. Finding your ideal PROPERTY or BUSINESS!

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Greater Exposure To The Market

Greater exposure to the market. Apart from us working with your local real-estate agents, attorneys and business brokers, we also source off-market properties for you that are not known to them. By advertising what you are looking for and allowing sellers to advertise without photos, we are able to give you access to a wider range of sellers.

Superior Ability To Manage The Buying Process

Superior ability to manage the Buying Process. You remain our client and we don't pass your name on, or engage in selling lists. We only advertise what you are interested in and record all leads on our unique Cause4Sale Register. We protect your identity while sourcing properties, providing you with your own dashboard to ensure full transparency of your transactions.

A Team Of Professionals

A Team of Professionals - You don't have to be alone in search of your ideal property. Use the global network we are building to search for you. This includes transacting service providers like; Real-estate agents, attorneys and brokers, supported by referring affiliates such as industry professionals & contractors, funders, body corporates, the public and community groups.