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A World Full Of Opportunities In The Palm Of Your Hands

Private Buyer is honor-bound to uphold the highest possible standards of integrity and collaboration.

From your first curious thought of buying a property or business, to that moment when the keys change hands, we're right there, tirelessly building a GLOBAL NETWORK of Independent Service Providers, to transact across agency, profession and area borders, starting with what the buyer wants.

Use Private Buyer as

Private Buyer

Private Buyer Is By YOUR Side From Beginning To Where The Keys Exchange Hands

We believe our greatest asset and the key to our success is how we differentiate ourselves from others in the market, by managing the leads and activities we generate, enabling buyers to find their ideal property or businesses, and role-players forming part of the transactions, to be fairly rewarded.

Private Buyer

Why Choose Us

In contrast to the predominant focus of the property industry on sellers and available listings, we take a unique approach by prioritizing the buyer's preferences. Operating as a marketing company rather than a traditional real estate agency, our business model is centered around serving the property and business industry. We empower a worldwide network of independent service providers with advanced technology, enabling them to effectively match buyers with sellers.

Buyers First

Start your Buying journey by contacting Private Buyer First. This enables us, as an unbiased party, to establish your UNIQUE buyer needs, and to advertise what you are looking for, on our Web-app. By telling the market what you are looking for, allow sellers or their representatives, to offer their matching properties or businesses, to you via Private Buyer, without wasting time.

You Deserve The Best

By us working across agency, profession and area borders, we are building a network of independent service providers to be in the best position to find what you are looking for. Why limit yourself to properties of individual agents. Allow a dedicated team to be your eyes and ears in the market, FINDING YOUR IDEAL PROPERTY

Build Confidence and Trust

Private Buyer offers a global service to register and record activities of all parties involved in a transaction, thereby establishing the effective cause of the sale. We protect agencies and professionals to transact freely without the fear of being cut out of deals and sellers against the risk of having to pay double commission.

We Listen to You

Perhaps you're simply looking to transform all those "wasted" rent payments into mortgage payments, giving you something tangible called: equity. Or maybe you see property ownership as a sign of independence, and enjoy the idea of being your own landlord, using the rental income to pay off your property and earn permanent residual income. Some real estate professionals have forgotten that without a buyer, there simply is no sale!

Creating Exceptional Earning Opportunities

We focus on serving our buyers and sellers through our team of service providers, in a way that builds confidence and trust. We enable them to work together as a team, striving towards increasing the volume of their transactions. We encourage front-line-staff, to have an entrepreneurial approach, like running their own businesses, creating earning opportunities for each other, without having to change employment.

Private Buyer

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